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Car insurance companies are booming these days. Many car insurance companies are now establishing their own trend in the insurance industry. That is why as a car owner, it is your responsibility to study the car insurance policy you will be purchasing to avoid conflicts in the future. The AARP Auto and Home Insurance is a collaboration between the American Association of Retired People or AARP and The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. This insurance company first began in 1958 and specializes in catering Americans whose are in their 50s. Today they are known as the “second biggest nongovernmental entity in the United States” as quoted by The New York Times.

This program gives the AARP members the chance to use the Hartford savings for their auto and homeowner’s insurance. This insurance company promises its customers to work toward supporting their special needs and to address the issues they face.

aarp auto insurance reviewOver the years, through their collaboration with AARP, The Hartford has helped change the face of insurance industry by implementing new and unique service features. This way, exceptional customer services are provided to the older American minds. To support more of their customers’ needs, The Hartford and AARP teamed up with a group of specialists to help them solve other insurance policy issues so they can cater more to their customers’ needs.

Like most insurance companies, the AARP car insurance also has a website to accommodate their customers. This website is clean, compact and easy to navigate. They had place information about their products which includes the description of various insurance policies. Getting a car insurance quote has never been this easy for any car owner since this site can give them the information they need using a secure form.

Pros - Most car insurance companies have their strengths and weaknesses. And usually, these are evaluated by the kind of services they offer their customers. One of the good things that this company offers is that they start with a cheap membership of $16 per person. If the member has a spouse or partner, their membership is free. Being a member of the AARP will give you the privilege to avail discounts under their discount program. This means you are able to get a discount from hotels, car rentals, tours, vacation packages and product purchases. In addition to this discounts, you are also given a free subscription to “AARP the Magazine” and “AARP Bulletin” if you are a member of this insurance company.

Besides these many customers are happy with their services. Reading from customer reviews, many are satisfied with their products and services. They are easy to reach in times of financial assistance and some say that their rates are affordable. Many customers are also enjoying the products that they offer besides the car insurance. Over all, they claim that AARP Auto Insurance has good overall package for adults 50 years old and up.

Cons - Although AARP offers many insurance products such as home, health, car and motorcycle, many car insurance companies offer the same products and services all for an even lesser price. In some cases, many customers are also complaining about AARP’s lobbying, marketing and poor customer services. One customer sited that when he was never given the right quote and believes that this is only one way of ripping off seniors. According to one customer, this car insurance company is supposed to help him save money; instead he was given a quote of $165 for starters. Another customer also noted that, he had one accident and they had raised his premiums to $900 in three years. The extent of damage done to his car was less than $500 but because of that, they charged him more than his usual premiums. With this kind of dismay brought to the customers, many of them switched to other car insurance companies.  

They say, you can’t please everybody, as much as this company works hard, many customers are still unsatisfied. In fact, many are complaining about their lousy customer services. Some claim that they do not sell cheap premiums as they had advertised. One customer who took a driving course with them even complained about their driving instructor and how poorly he performed as an instructor.


In closing, keep in mind that whatever product you purchase, even car insurance, it would be best if you review it first before you decide. This is to avoid getting the wrong premium and paying more. If you really want to save money then be a wise buyer, review and compare quotes. This way you can be sure of where your money is going and the quality of services you will be getting.


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