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Eastwood Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Choosing a car insurance company is daunting. There are probably thousands of car insurance companies in the country today ranging from the oldest to the newest ones. This fact alone can tell you that asking for quotes and comparing them all can be an exhausting task but it always pays well to know the car insurance you will be getting.

Eastwood Auto Insurance was established back in 1989 in Fullerton, California and sells insurance policies in 13 states. This company specializes in creating custom policies for car owners as well as homes, recreational vehicles and even motorcycles. However, this company is known to operate as private brokers and interested customers must seek information through their local broker. They can also get their quotes with the help of their toll-free hotline or access the internet for their request.

This insurance company has been known for their lower requirements in purchasing a policy. Customers who have received a DUI or other moving violations can easily get an affordable car insurance policy under them. They are also well known for their impressive customer services that is why independent brokers hold evening and Saturday hours for their services. This car insurance does not only cater to Americans but to their Spanish customers as well. With the help from their Spanish speaking representatives, they are able to conduct their personal business with the company.


eastwood auto insuranceA good car insurance company will always help their customer’s needs. This is what Eastwood auto insurance believes. That is why they have created a system to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Customers can pay their premiums even with a credit card and they can pay them through phone or their private broker’s personal websites. They also help customers choose an affordable car insurance policy with affordable monthly payments. If your are filing for your SR then know that you won’t be waiting for a long time. You can talk to their representative from Mondays through Fridays for your concerns. They also have extended hours on Saturdays and since their headquarters are located in California, the hours may be based on Pacific Standard Time. Just be sure you have confirmed your hours when calling them.

Customers who are interested in visiting their website can click on their link for an instant quote. By filling out a short form, quotes will be easily acquired for them. If they want to be more in touch with this company, they can also call their phone numbers listed on the top homepage. All of these were done for their customer’s convenience.

If you have any major traffic violation such as speeding tickets or DUI, East Wood will help you get a car insurance. That is why many are switching to this insurance company. Also, if you have been dropped for non-payment from other companies or if you have difficulties in getting insurance from a major carrier due to more than one at-fault accident, this company will also help your needs. Surely, this car insurance company works hard to accommodate the needs of their customers.

Like most car insurance companies, critics and complaints are part of their daily activities. And East Wood Auto Insurance is not safe from complaints too.


Though East Wood works hard in maintaining their services and accommodation, many are customers complained about their lack of information. One customer complained about a car that was insured under his name that was not his in the first place. They charged him triple than what he usually pays every month. When he later filed for a complaint, they canceled his policy without even giving him any notice. Another customer also complained about the additional charges that they have charged him when he wanted to adjust his policy. After paying the company, they also added another charge. One customer also called this company as someone who “will get as much as they could from customers”.

Despite the negative feedbacks that they have been getting, East Wood continues to give excellent services and products. Many customers are still satisfied with their work. With this, they will continue to do what they have started and that is to bring the best customer service in the country.


So if you are a car owner, do read your insurance policy well. This way you can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings with your carrier. Remember that having car insurance is important, so choose well and make sure that you have understood what your car insurance policy is all about. Be a wise policy holder.



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