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Mercury Auto Insurance Reviewcheap car insurance for young drivers

Many car owners are looking for cheap car insurance that they can afford. Of course, to cater to this need, many car insurance companies have studied and created a policy that can fit their customers’ budget. When looking for car insurance, budget is not only the first thing you need to see. You have to check the overall package so that you can see what you are paying for.

Among car insurance companies, Mercury Auto Insurance is one of the many companies that had established a good reputation for their name. Established in 1961 by an insurance visionary named George Joseph, Mercury was and is still committed to offer customers great insurance at a low cost.

With this goal in mind, the company has accomplished this by handling claims on a personal basis and specialized money management. Claims are inspected before and after the repairs are made so as to insure the best qualify fix at affordable rates. Back in the years when Mercury has just started, the owner solely worked in the state of California for about 30 years before expanding into different markets where larger customers are available.


mercury auto insuranceMercury may be a small insurance company but they have the reputation of having more personal relationships with their customers. They also handle customer claims on a personal basis and makes sure that their customers have understood their policies well. They have also proven their customer service well by delivering great customer service and their customer support services have proven to be impeccable.

This is because each customer can speak directly to a Mercury agent before their businesses are made. They also specializes in customized policies and their agents help in designing this policy for them as they base it on the coverage, type of vehicle and pricing. This way, customers can get the best possible price and coverage for their car. With this system, many customers have remained loyal to this company over the years.


Just like any other companies, Mercury has also their share of issues and unsatisfied customers. Among the negative sides of this car insurance company is that payment is longer than others. Since they handle claims on a personal basis, time spent is also longer. Some of the other complaints also involve having many options that isn’t really needed by clients. As a result, this confuses many customers. Other customers have also complained about not being able to cover losses during their accidents. With this, many have cancelled their accounts and stated to “not recommend” Mercury to be other people’s insurance carrier. Other reports of bad customer service include deceptive claims services particularly; one customer complained that he was not assisted with a rental car when his car had an accident.

Mercury Auto Insurance offer many options to choose from. Although this may be confusing to look at, their agents will help interested clients go through all the possible coverage they need. They offer “good student discounts”, multiple car discounts, company discounts and good driver discounts. Generally, this car insurance company offers the best discounts in this business; they allow customers to combine discounts so that can have the most affordable prices.

Not all insurance companies take care of their customers personally but if you choose Mercury, you will experience great customer services with a personal touch. They have been known to handle customer claims at any condition and respects that cars are as important as having their basic needs. With this being said, they understand how important car insurances to car owners are.

Besides the car insurance, Mercury Auto Insurance also offers insurances for boats, RVs, houses and others. However, they sometimes try to cover all kinds of insurance without doing much research. That’s why they sometimes fail to see the real needs of their clients.

If you choose Mercury Car Insurance, you are guaranteed to have the best policy at a cheap price. But keep in mind that paying for a cheap price may also mean cheap coverage. If you are looking for car insurance, it is best that you compare this company with other quotes. This way you can have other options to choose from. Mercury sells the most basic insurance, this is a guarantee but it might not fit your needs. So choose well when it comes to your car insurance policy.

Looking for car insurance should not be hard if you know what you are looking for. For best comparisons, make sure that you have checked with other car insurance companies. Don’t just decide on the first cheap offer that you see.



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