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Travelers Auto Insurance Review

cheap car insurance for young drivers

Car insurance is an important need to every car owner. This is their best partner in times of accidents and other related incidents. That is why it is every car owner’s responsibility to insure their car at all cost. Choosing the best car insurance policy is not an easy thing to do since there are so many companies out there that offers great deals. However, if you know what you are looking for then you can surely find a good car insurance company that will fit your needs.  

Travelers auto insurance is one of the oldest car insurance company established in the US. This company was founded by J.G. Batterson in the year 1853. Back then this company was created to protect customers from injury or loss of life whenever they are traveling by steamboat or railroad. However, this company was made to hold particular insurance but by 1897, this company issued their very first car insurance for a one cylinder vehicle built by Gilbert J. Loomis. Since then this car insurance company studied ways to serve the public even better. It has been almost 150 years since this company has issued its first insurance claim yet their innovation continues to remain as best as it was first planned. 


travelers auto insuranceTravelers Insurance is a household name which makes people feels safe. They are also the leader in personal insurance as well as auto insurance. They offer a wide variety of different types of insurance to customers. This car insurance company has a long history of innovation and creativity that allows them to more even further and established its name in the insurance industry. Besides that, they also contribute to the communities where their businesses are located.

Travelers insurance is known to be the 3rd largest writer of commercial property and casualty insurance. They are also ranked as #99 on the Fortune 500 list of US largest companies. With this reputation, they have earned #1 in 9 different state and top 5 in 49 other states. Since they have started, this car insurance company has how more than 30,000 employees nationwide and has 13,000 independent agencies and broker firms all across the country. This alone tells you that this company has worked hard to be on the top. That is why many people have purchased their car insurance policy with them. 


While other car insurance companies have their own issues to deal with when it comes to customers complaining, Travelers have their own fair share of unsatisfied customers. One problem in particular is obtaining a claim online. Though their website seems orderly and clean, customers feel that they ask for too much information. In return, this makes potential buyers and policy holders nervous. Another negative side of this company is that they are too commercialized and they offer all types of insurance. As a result, their auto insurance may not be getting enough attention which sometimes results to a negative effect on their customers. And since they are highly ranked in many states, customers may be getting insurance from them without doing much research or comparison.

Customers also don’t like the fact that their representatives are slow to respond to any inquiries that they make and that they are often put on hold for a period of time. Other complaints by customers include denial of claims, rude agents and many others. So if you wish to use Travelers make sure that you have given this complete thought first. 

If you are wondering what kind of policies they have, here are some of the services they offer: 

  • Collision 
  • Bodily injury liability  
  • Property damage liability  
  • Comprehensive  
  • Medical payments or PIP coverage  
  • Underinsured motorist  
  • Optional rental reimbursement and towing coverage  

With these options, customers can select the best option that can apply to their needs. The type of coverage you want to be insured will depend on the client. This is also based on the requirements that your state law requires as well as your needs for auto insurance. You can ask for a quote through their website and you can study the policies you are offered by applying for a quote. Customers are also accommodated online if they want to report claims. This way it will be easy to get the services you need in cases of emergencies. Get a quote from Travelers and see the difference. 

As a car owner, you should not jump to the first cheap rates you see. Keep in mind that cheap rate also means cheap services. So if you wish to get a good value for your money, research and compare rates first before anything else. 




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