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cheap car insurance for young drivers



How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

cheap car insurance for young drivers 

The law requires that every car driver must carry some type of car insurance. The cost for this type of insurance may vary depending upon the insurance provider and the details included in the policies. Car insurance is compulsory, and though first time drivers find it very expensive, there are ways to keep the costs down. Here are some suggestions as to how you can find or get the cheapest car insurance premiums.

Car Choices

Choose the type of car which is not easily associated with accidents. When calculating insurance quotes, you should know that details such as the car’s engine size, its age, value, and brand are all taken into account. High powered and expensive cars often have the highest rate of insurance premiums. Vehicles with small engines, lesser modifications, and easily accessible spare parts are the best option for a cheap insurance.

Insurance Quotes

Some people only apply for three or four insurance quotes but it is advised to apply for more, since this will give you better options, and an easier way to spot great deals. You will also have higher chances of finding cheap insurance premiums. Be thorough when comparing insurance quotes. One may appear cheaper but when all other extras are taken into account, you might find that even those which seem to be expensive are better deals and will cost you less.

No Claims Discount

The most reliable way of reducing car insurance premium is through building a no claims discount. It is highly recommended to have one but this means that you should first get your own car insurance policy. For first time drivers and those below 25, getting insurance may cost a lot, but after having one, you can start enjoying the benefits of building no claims discount.

Get Car Insurance Quotes Annually

Car insurance quotes are constantly changing. You may be satisfied with the insurance provider you have right now, but you’ll never know when you’ll find the cheapest bargain, so it’s better to look out for other options at least annually. Some insurance companies offer great deals to transfers and new customers, and you just might find one which can give you even more benefits that what you’re having right now.

Insurance Coverage

Fully comprehensive car insurance will give you more coverage and is more recommendable, but is expected to be more expensive. If you are just starting, and especially to young drivers, Third Party Fire and Theft is much cheaper and more ideal if you feel that there is less to insure. What’s good about choosing less coverage is that for a less expense you can now have your car insurance and you can also start building your no claims discount, which will give you more savings.

Named Drivers

If you are a young driver, adding a more experienced driver or someone older, to your insurance policy is suggested. Your parents or any direct relative with an excellent driving record will be the best option. Some companies may not consider this as a contributing factor to reduce premiums. However, it’s still worth trying as this will mean that you are under the supervision of an experienced driver, thus reducing your risk of getting involved with accidents.

Purchase Online Car Insurance

Some companies offer discounts for clients who choose to buy car insurance online. Insurance providers find this easier and more advantageous since insurance agents are no longer needed to close the deal, and there will be lesser overhead. When you buy insurance online you can get up to 10 percent savings, plus it’s a guarantee that all your transactions are well protected through electronic and encryption technology. If you plan to change your policy, purchase and printing will be much easier. Almost all transactions, whether banking or shopping, is now done online, thus safety and reliability is not an issue.

Family Cars

Female drivers typically have lesser insurance premiums compared to men. If you want to insure your family car which is, by description, used by both husband and wife, then it is only logical to put the wife’s name as the main driver in the insurance policy.


Young drivers or first time drivers aging 25 often find car insurance as a burden. However, there are discounts offered for those who maintain a high GPA in college or even in high school. This is another way to save a great deal. Insurance companies expect responsible students to stay out of accidents, thus reducing their risks and their premiums.


These are simple tips to follow if you want a cheaper insurance for your first car. Don’t waste time and start looking for the best deal now.